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From the north of Espírito Santo to the WORLD

The BlendCoffee has been in the market for over 30 years, being managed by the experienced hands of the Moro Family.

Such experience is reflected in the consolidated growth of the company, which has branches in southern Bahia and Itamaraju, and has more than 100 employees.

In addition to Conilon coffee beans, currently BlendCoffee also sells and exports: Pepper, Cocoa and Clove.

The BlendCoffee also acts in agricultural guidance to producers, monitoring their suppliers, in addition to following the standards of quality programs, such as 4C and UTZ.

Experienced company that sells superior quality grains for Brazil and the world.


Values ​​that INTEGRATE


We are a family business that seeks to integrate internal and external customers. that deserve our attention and our respect. We have a set of principles and values ​​that must be maintained and practiced by everyone. for they characterize our way of thinking and acting.

Our Vision

to be a competitive company that operates comprehensively in the market through a strong relationship with quality with our suppliers and customers, in order to maintain a strong brand, with unique characteristics and proposals.

Our Mission

Offering quality products, sustainability and social responsibility, maintaining an innovative and joint vision with our partners.

Our Values

Ethics and Respect;
Quality and Proactivity;
Team work;
Human development;
Produce profitability and growth in a sustainable way.


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Complaint Channel

Possible irregularities, such as: control failures, internal and external fraud, illegal acts and non-compliance with ethical principles and internal policies.

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